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A family wine estate from New Zealand. We craft traditional wine styles that emphasise texture, mouthfeel and persistence of flavour.

Month: March, 2012

Useful Food-Wine Pairing Concepts

Useful Food-Wine Pairing Concepts

Jeannie Cho Lee MW has a great web site with wine and food pairing guide.  Useful becase it looks at both the impact of foods on wine and wines on food.


Minerality … what are the wine geeks on about?

Minerality … what are the wine geeks on about?

I like this blog on Palate Press about the tasting term ‘mineral’.   Perhaps I should get out more.


Apple Picking

The grapes are not ready but the apples are. My son and I enjoyed the fine weather at the weekend and the opportunity to pick our Cox’s Orange Pippins.

Sister Brand or Second Label?

Sister Brand or Second Label?

Misha Wilkinson of Misha’s Vineyard writes an interesting article on second wine brands.

Australia has failed to properly develop its cool climate viticulture resources.

Australia has failed to properly develop its cool climate viticulture resources.

Dr Richard Smart writes thoughtfully on the topic of Australian vs. New Zealand wine industry.

Buy better and smarter on restaurant wine lists

Restaurant winelists

Alex Berlingeri, a longtime sommelier, wine distributor, restaurant manager and consultant talks about how he thinks consumers should approach restaurant wine lists.  Some good advice on buying better and smarter.

Small is beautiful

A smaller grape harvest for vintage 2012 could be better quality.  Here’s hoping for a fine end to the season.