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A family wine estate from New Zealand. We craft traditional wine styles that emphasise texture, mouthfeel and persistence of flavour.

Month: May, 2012

Mondovino is back

Mondovino is back

“Mondovino: The Series,” is an extended version of the 2004 documentary. Made up of 10 episodes, shown at this week’s Real Wine Fair in London.  

Probably not coming to a box office near you.

winter wood

Firewood at Bellbird Spring

Some wild weather brought down part of a pine tree this season. At the weekend the familly got together to cut it up for firewood. We will be toasty and warm this winter.

In the picture you can see Eric the horse and a couple of Dexter steers looking on. Unimpressed by all the noise.

You say tomato leaf, I say unripe cabernet.



Writer Meg Houston Maker has written a great blog simplifying winespeak at Palate Press.


Does Slow Wine have the right idea?

Wine rating systems critiqued and found wanting in

1. Wine rating: It’s all in a number, or is it really?
By Suzanne Hoffman

2. Rating wines: It’s not just taste
By Suzanne Hoffman

Jamie Drummond on Food and Wine #221 Winemaker Guy Porter (Bellbird Spring, Waipara, New Zealand)

Jamie Drummond on Food and Wine #221 Winemaker Guy Porter (Bellbird Spring, Waipara, New Zealand)

Jamie Drummond of goodfoodrevolution interviews Guy Porter of Bellbird Spring. Jamie’s site has a number of winemaker interviews.

Barrel filling Vintage 2012-001

Bellbird SpringVintage 2012

Bellbird Spring has taken in the last of its fruit this vintage. Barrel filling is the next task.

Go to the link below for vintage summaries.

Future wine market trends

Future wine market trends

A good final blog. The third in a series on where wine markets could be heading. Mike Veseth in

The Wine Economist

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Why isn’t more wine ‘organic’? – W. Blake Gray, LA Times.

Why isn’t more wine ‘organic’? – W. Blake Gray, LA Times.

A good piece by  W. Blake Gray expaining why he thinks more organic wine is not made. Blake also writes a blog called the Gray Report.

‘Sulfites are forbidden in organic products by the USDA, but most winemakers consider the preservative crucial in winemaking, so few wineries want the label.’  LA Times 6 Jan 2011.

Food and wine matching in NZ


Here is a company that organises food and wines matching experiences.

Nicola Belsham talks about them and makes recommendations in Fishhead magazine too.


Vancouver Morning

This was this morning’s view from Stanley Park, Vancouver. A beautiful view out through Burrard Inlet to the Straight of Georgia.