The Latest Addition to Our Range: Aqua Vitae

by Bellbird Spring

The Bellbird Spring lineup contains wines that are made to be drunk with a wide range of food. Even our recent Sous Voile proved adaptable – and was delicious with Japanese twice cooked pork. Our new product is perhaps more focused for after the meal, to be drunk as a digestif, though the first time I encountered such a product was when the vineyard workers in Soave in Italy used to pour some into their morning coffee to warm up!


Naming our latest arrival took some thought. The Bellbird Spring Aqua Vitae is a pot-still distillate of Pinot Noir wine. Therefore it is not a grappa which is distilled from grape skins. Eau-de-Vie meanwhile tends to get associated with fruit schnapps. So I settled on the archaic Aqua Vitae, though you could also think of it as a ‘white brandy’. Whilst you do not get grape flavour in any true sense, using Pinot Noir rather than white wine has given it an extra roundness and fullness of texture.

The Aqua Vitae is available from our online shop. Quantities produced are, you will not be surprised to learn, microscopic.

For information on distillates, courtesy of wikipedia click here.