Delving Into The Soil of Waipara

by Bellbird Spring

Late last year Lincoln University held a Vineyard Soils Day at Black Estate in Waipara, where they unveiled an in-depth report into the soils of the Waipara wine region.

This welcome work allows current producers to gain even more understanding about their surroundings. And it may well help with future plantings, siting vineyards in the best spots and planting the appropriate varieties. More generally it can only do good in further establishing our credentials as a world-class wine region.



Photo credit: Lincoln University.

Our two vineyards are located in two different zones of the region, The Home Block (and the River Terrace) is on Glasnevin gravels next to the Waipara River, whereas Block Eight is on Pahau Clay soils. These are very different in characteristics and help to give us clear stylistic variety in our finished wines.

To see our locations – shown as vineyards 1a and 1b – see this map of the region courtesy of

For more information on the new study see Lincoln University’s press release on Scoop and a report from And for an excellent general introduction to our region by Jamie Goode of, click here.