Forage North Canterbury

by Bellbird Spring

We’re a bit delayed in sharing our participation in this event that happened earlier this year but we thoroughly enjoyed being involved and felt it important to digitally document.

30 invitees from around the world were invited to North Canterbury where they were paired into groups with winery staff and family members. Each group was assigned a task such as shoreline, river or game hunting and given 24 hours to forage, gather and hunt an edible bounty. This was then collected and presented at Pegasus Bay Winery where a group of NZ’s best chefs prepared dishes paired alongside our North Canterbury wines.

North Canterbury is a little Eden when it comes to foraging. One could live entirely off the land 12 months a year if they had the time to do so! It brings great joy for us as winegrowers to share our backyard, our food and our wine with visitors from across the globe.

For a visitors point of view read Ryan Woodhouse’s excellent blog about the day.