Pinot 2017 & Pinot Palooza

by Bellbird Spring

At the beginning of February over 600 people gathered in Wellington for a week of pure NZ Pinot Noir. This was a great opportunity for New Zealand to show off its Pinot Noir to the world, with writers and distributors coming from across the globe. To taste, listen and discuss for 3 days. The event itself is self-assured in culture, staunchly NZ  with little mention of Burgundy and plenty of references to our own sense of place and the styles emerging from various regions.  Certainly New Zealand Pinot Noir has come a long way in 30 years. As a country we make a diverse and distinctive range of Pinot Noir.

In addition a Pinot Palooza event ran for the public.  This was a fantastic opportunity to taste over one hundred Pinots in one a single session.  It was a pleasure to meet Bellbird Spring fans, and to hear feedback on your favourite wines.

Guy Porter