Group Tastings

by Bellbird Spring

We make food friendly wines and there is no better way to experience this than a wine tasting matched with food. Earlier this month we hosted one of these such tasting events at Duncan Cotterill Lawyers. Eight wines paired with four tastes, not necessarily as a match but as a sensation, to understand flavours, perceptions and how elements of food and wine both compliment and alter one another.
The format includes four tastes, high acid/low sugar, salty, rich/fatty and nutty, paired with eight individual wines from our range. With Guy to guide the tasters on the winemaking, wine style and food composition plus time allowed for generous discussion, this makes for a unique and informative after work or in home social occasion.
Guy often travels to major cities and can host such an event with groups of 12-18 interested tasters. To register interest or to find out more, please email Guy.